N95 1870+ masks

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Respiratory protection against particles for health care and surgical mask
Brand: 3M
Code: 1870+ Aura
Color: White + red elastics

1 mask

Individually wrapped

  • NIOSH approval: N95
  • Approved by the FDA for use as a surgical mask
  • Bacteria filtration efficiency greater than 99% (omit: 5) % according to ASTM F2101
  • Fluid resistant and disposable
  • Highest level of fluid resistance per ASTM F1862 at 160 mm Hg
  • Free of natural rubber latex
  • 3M's exclusive filter material is designed to facilitate breathing
  • Soft foam noseband and smooth interior materials are comfortable against the skin
  • Unique three-panel design accommodates a wide range of face shapes and sizes
  • Collapsible edge design makes it easy to store and wear, and individual packaging helps protect the respirator from contamination before use
  • Contoured top panel helps conform to the contour of the nose and eyes of the face, leaving more room for eyewear
  • Embossed top panel reduces fogging of eyewear
  • Contoured nose panel helps improve field of vision
  • Adjustable nose clip for a custom, waterproof fit
  • Innovative chin strap designed for easy donning, positioning and adjustment

The 1870+ Aura" Healthcare Respirator and Surgical Mask 3M", N95 has comfortable internal materials and offers respiratory protection against certain airborne particles. With its foldable edge design and individual packaging, it can be conveniently stored before use.

The 1870+ Aura? 3M? surgical respirator, N95 is designed to help provide respiratory protection to the user. It complies with CDC guidelines for the control of exposure to M. tuberculosis. As a disposable particulate respirator, it is intended to reduce the user's exposure to certain airborne particles, including those produced by electrocautery, laser surgical instruments, and other electrical medical instruments. As a surgical mask, it is designed to resist splashes and sprays of blood and other infectious materials.

CAUTION: These respirators help reduce exposure to certain airborne particles. Before using the product, the user must read and understand the instructions for use provided with the product. A written respiratory protection program that complies with the applicable requirements of its jurisdiction and/or the CSA Z94.4 standard for respiratory protection must be in place. Improper use can result in health problems or death.


Suggested applications

  • Compatible with a variety of eyewear
  • Operating rooms
  • Clinics
  • Tuberculosis treatment rooms
  • Patient care
  • Labor and delivery
  • Infection control practices
  • Laboratories
  • Emergency and pandemic planning
  • Stockpiling
FDA cleared
Advanced electrostatic materialIndividually packagedFoam nose band, Stapled headband
Filter category
High quality
Natural rubber latex components
Flammability rating
Class 1
Product color
Comfortable braided belt
Standard packaging
Individual packaging
Characteristic protection factor
Advanced electrostatic filter
Recommended industry
Health Care
Face Seal/Foam Nasal Strip
Foam Nasal Strip
Nasal M-Clamp
Flame resistance (ASTM D2859-96)
Fluid resistance
160 mm Hg
Fluid resistant (ASTM F1862)
Exhalation valve
Specifications met
N95 and FDA approved
Respirator style
Foldable edges
Respirator size
Type of hazard
Type of belt attachment
Product Type
Respiratory protection device for health care
Aerosol type
Oil free


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N95 1870+ masks

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