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What is a non-medical mask?

Non-medical or civilian masks are for everyday citizens. They can be used in stores or on public transportation for example. They have 3 layers and offer a filtration of about 85%. They are normally less expensive because they have not been submitted to laboratory control like the medical ones. They are often recognized under the code GB/T 32610-2016.

What is a medical mask?

In order to control the degree of filtration of masks, governments have required standards to ensure that quality and minimum standards are always met. These masks are generally required in medical environments such as hospitals, clinics or dental centers. There are three laboratories recognized by Health Canada. 1- North America - code ASTM-F2100 2- Europe - code EN14683 3- China - code YYT Since the pandemic, these standards are more and more required in manufacturing and labor fields. In particular by the CNESST.

What type of mask is right for me?

With the growing number of suppliers related to the high demand, the medical mask will obviously take the place of the non-medical. The prices are getting closer and closer and for the difference, we advise you to use the ASTM-F2100 level 3 mask in order to be protected to the maximum.

Where do Motivo masks come from?

Motivo has its own qualified engineers who monitor and control the medical manufacturing in China. You can watch our corporate video on this subject.

How is Motivo committed to recycling their masks?

*Did you know that... The fiber, elastic and aluminum of the masks can be recycled and transformed into new objects?

We proudly work with TerraCycle to recycle different types of waste, like all our masks.

Masks have recently become part of our daily reality. Whether it's for shopping on a Sunday morning or for professional use, masks are indispensable! That's why you too can get your own TerraCycle box for the home!

Make your daily habits healthier, with responsible consumption. Here is the link to receive your box:

Is Motivo certified with Health Canada?

Motivo is licensed as an importer and distributor by Health Canada to sell medical and non-medical masks. MDEL 12822

How much does delivery cost in Quebec and Canada?

The shipping cost will be calculated directly with Canada Post depending on the quantity of your order and the shipping address.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, the shipping cost will be calculated directly with Canada Post depending on the quantity of your order and the shipping address.

Can I pick up my order in store?

Yes, we are located at 9494 Boul. Saint-Laurent, #900 The store is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm

I am a retailer, can I buy in bulk?

Absolutely. We have volume discounts, please contact one of our representatives.
We accept payment by check, wire transfer and credit card.

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